The Raleigh branch is committed to building power from the ground up through the process of radical democracy. If you are interested in joining us, we hold monthly new member meetings where we discuss the values of DSA and interrogate our relationship to capital. New folks are encouraged to stick around for our monthly branch meetings, where we update each other on on-going work. Please come meet your new comrades and organizing partners.

If you'd like to add an item to the next meeting agenda, fill out this form.

Current Branch Projects

Transit Working Group

The Raleigh Transit Working Group is learning the intricacies of Wake County-area transit. We are asking questions like, "how does this system serve the population" and "how can Democratic Socialist principles help improve this system?" 

In 2018, we aim to develop a transit campaign that builds knowledge for our organization, community with Wake County citizens, broadens our base, and improves an aspect of area transit. 

Email raleighdsa at gmail dot com with a Subject Line of "Transit" for more infomation. 

Laundry Day

Laundry Day is a community engagement project to build relationships outside of the typical networks of work, school, and faith groups, at a site of material need. We all need clean clothes. Some of us have a washer and dryer in our homes or made available by landlords. Many of us, however, do not. 

Our inaugural Laundry Day, scheduled for late March, is truly a socialize-with-Socialists event. For one day, DSA Raleigh will take over a laundromat—paying for every load, providing detergent—and mix and mingle with that community. We're planning for food, music, childcare, and, of course, tabling. Please come out and meet your neighbors. How else will we identify our mutual struggles and agitate for change?

Email raleighdsa at gmail dot com with a Subject Line of "Laundry" for more information.


Recurring Events

Political Education

Each month we hold a political education meeting to share knowledge, strengthen political literacy, and enhance our strategy for change.

Socialist Family Dinners

Every Tuesday at 7:30 we meet for dinner at a restaurant in the area. This is our time to meet, not just as organizing partners but as people. 

Please RSVP at  raleighdsa at gmail dot com with your name and the number of people you plan to bring by the night before.

Trivia Night

On most Wednesday nights, we attend trivia at Stag's Head on Glenwood Avenue. We usually win.

Details for all recurring events are included in our biweekly Raleigh email.


To get in touch with the Raleigh branch directly, email raleighdsa at gmail dot com.