Our Issues

These statements were prepared to summarize NC Piedmont DSA's stance on important issues.


We believe that environmental protection and environmental justice must be a
key part of our agenda, especially since victims of pollution are frequently people
of color and lower income communities. We must work towards ending
environmental degradation and building a sustainable world that meets today's
needs without jeopardizing future generations. We support both regulatory
protection and reforming market incentives in order to curb the depletion of
nonrenewable resources and the pollution of our land and water.

Health Care

We support a single-payer, national healthcare system that offers necessary
healthcare to everyone in the United States. Until that happens, we support the
expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina; the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates
that nearly a quarter of a million people fall into the “Medicaid gap” because of
the North Carolina legislature’s unwillingness to expand Medicaid, and between
455 and 1,145 uninsured North Carolinians die each year as a result of this. We
believe this is needless and inhumane, and support an expansion of the program
to at least give our most vulnerable citizens coverage until we have a single-
payer healthcare system.

Economic Policy

We believe that the values of liberal democracy can only be fulfilled when the
economy as well as the government is democratically controlled, which cannot
happen under capitalism. We do not have an official vision for a socialist
economy, but it would likely include democratic planning and ownership of major
investments (like telecommunications, utilities, and transport) and market
exchange of consumer goods. Many consumer-goods industries would be run as
cooperatives, and workers would design the division of labor within their
workplaces to overcome the authoritarianism of the traditional capitalist firm. In
the near term, we support a $15 minimum wage, union and collective bargaining
rights (including for public sector unions), cooperative developments, and other
measures to push our economy to provide for people’s needs, not profits.


Education belongs to the people. We support a strong, equitable, public
education system from pre-kindergarten through higher education, and the
elimination of student debt. Likewise, we strongly oppose the privatization of
education, including charter schools and school vouchers. We also support
collective bargaining rights for teachers.

Destroy White Supremacy.png

Labor and Unions—Worker's Rights

We believe in the collective power of workers and a democratized workplace. We
strongly support labor rights for all workers – including graduate students – and a
repeal of North Carolina General Statute 95-58, a Jim Crow-era law banning
collective bargaining by public employees that was meant to prevent solidarity
between black workers and white workers. We also oppose the current attempt by the North Carolina legislature to enshrine right-to-work legislation in the state


We promote policy changes to encourage a path to citizenship more easily
than current policies. As regards worker status, we see migration as an
effect of global capitalism, which creates a problem of pitting workers against one
another due to unequal rights. Current immigrants of undocumented status in the
US should be allowed a path to citizenship, together with their families. We will
work with immigrant rights organizations to promote family reunification, to halt
deportations, to demilitarize our borders, and to help all of our
children—regardless of legal status.

LGBTQ Rights

We call for the protection of same-sex marriages nationwide, for the enactment
of anti-discrimination laws in housing, jobs, education and health care, and the
repeal of state sodomy laws and anti-LGBT restrictions, in particular laws like
North Carolina’s anti-trans HB2 bill. In addition, we advocate for changes in
the immigration system to recognize same-sex relationships, including
marriages, domestic partnerships, and long-standing relationships on the same
basis as heterosexual relationships in approving visas, residency, and
citizenship. We also advocate for local and federal nondiscrimination laws and
insists that religious beliefs cannot be used to justify bias.

Law Enforcement—Accountability to Citizens

The key historical role of the police has been to regulate class conflict by
preserving the access of elites to basic resources, protecting private property,
and controlling the labor force—a role that is especially harmful for black and
brown folks. We must reorient law enforcement in the United States by
appointing special prosecutors to investigate police shootings; creating
independent, empowered civilian review boards; demilitarizing police
departments; and replacing the war on drugs with a war on poverty and
inequality. We should shift funding from police departments toward investments
in job training and job creation, a guaranteed minimum income, universal
childcare, and programs that strengthen post-industrial neighborhoods.

Women's Rights

We are committed to socialist feminist organizing and we acknowledge that
capitalism is built upon male supremacy and white supremacy. We believe in full
equality for women in all spheres of life, and in a world without prescribed sex
roles that channel women into subordinate positions at home and at work. We
work towards a world that does not oppress women through undervaluation of
work, lack of political representation, inability to control their own fertility, denial of
their sexuality, or violence and abuse.