Chapter Projects

Each of the branches within our chapter work on their own projects within their cities, but some work is chapter-wide.

Medicare for All

In partnership with DSA chapters across the country, we are beginning work on a Medicare for All campaign. To start, we will be canvassing in Durham to spread the word about Medicare for All and gain more information about what our neighbors know about the idea and what healthcare concerns they have.

To get involved in the project, email co-chair Matt Hartman at info at dsanc dot org.


Media Working Group

The Media Working Group is tasked with supporting NC Piedmont DSA's projects by providing communications work, including social media, press releases, emails, and more. 

To join the working group, email info at dsanc dot org.

Tech Working Group

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work and infrastructure necessary to ensure socialism can happen. This working group helps by maintaining and improving our websites, supporting membership tracking, accepting payments, and more.

To join the working group, email info at dsanc dot org.