Steering Committee


Stefanie G is a teacher and works to spread socialist, feminist, and anti-colonialist ideas through great art. Her mother started calling her a socialist when she was about 14, but she didn't return to those youthful truths until recently.



Political Education Director

We are electing a new political education director in February 2018.



Fundraising Chair

Michael works with computers by day, but dreams of socialism by night (and on weekends). He worked in academia and learned a few obscure research-funding rules, so he pretends that makes him a good Treasurer. He hasn't (and likely won't) read Das Kapital. But he did read some Marx while attending a bourgeois university.


Chapel Hill

Our Chapel Hill community engagement lead made a similar calculation as our secretary.


Jesse Akman is a librarian, and a fan of dogs and plants. He was first exposed to left politics by teenage anarchists armed with Reagan Youth records. Despite their best efforts, he has since learned what dialectical materialism is.


Tom Neas joined DSA the day after the 2016 election, and became active in organizing after moving to Greensboro to work as a copy editor. Tom lives with his partner (herself a vital organizer in the branch) and their two cats.


Reed Schrad does software design at a healthcare company for money, but he's more interested in building a movement for justice and dignity in Raleigh. His vision for the Raleigh branch is an organization that is flexible enough to mobilize quickly and persistent enough to leave a lasting impact on the Capital City.


Ryan is a karaoke enthusiast who works in higher education for a living. Other interests include housing justice, the work of Raymond Williams, and navigating the byzantine scheduling system of the Forsyth County public library system. His earnest hope is that Winston-Salem will someday live up to the legacy of Local 22.



Community Engagement Leads