We Stand with Maya Little

North Carolina Piedmont DSA stands with UNC Chapel Hill graduate student worker Maya Little, who was arrested last week for demonstrating the true meaning of UNC’s monument to white supremacy, Silent Sam. By contextualizing this racist statue with red paint and her own blood, Little sent a clear message to UNC’s moderate liberal leadership and reactionary Board of Governors, who have chosen to ignore students and community members, appease neoconfederate and racist groups, and mobilize the police to surveil, infiltrate, and disrupt protesters. Silent Sam must fall.

NCPDSA calls for any judicial or UNC Honor Court charges against Little to be dropped. Fighting against white supremacy is not a crime; it models the utmost honorable character. Additionally, we call for Chancellor Carol Folt to acknowledge the harm her leadership has caused students and the community and to accept responsibility for the racists threats against Little’s life which Folt’s inaction has permitted. Silent Sam must be removed from campus immediately.

– NC Piedmont DSA Steering Committee