We're One Year Old!

It’s been a really busy week in North Carolina and across the nation, but we wanted to take a brief moment to acknowledge our one year anniversary as a DSA chapter! The drive for our chapter to get started began in 2014 with the dedication and tenacity of comrade Neil Ashton. We asked Neil to say a few words on this momentous occasion.

—Amber & Matt (co-chairs)

A year ago this month, a small group of at-large DSA members, Jacobin readers, and Bernie activists met in a living room to sketch ideas for a campaign. This tiny gathering was the first general meeting of the newly chartered NC Piedmont local of DSA.

A lot has changed. Today we’re a federation of groups in four cities with a total of over three hundred registered members. We’ve been joined by new organizing committees in Asheville and Charlotte and new YDS groups in schools around the state.

We’re floored that so many of you who’ve been stirred into action by the present crisis have decided to make us your comrades—and we look forward to another year of growth in mutual struggle toward a North Carolina of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

—Neil Ashton