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Chapelboro/Durham joint political education event

  • Chapel Hill Public Library 100 Library Drive Chapel Hill, NC (map)

We will discuss a chapter of Jackie Wang’s Carceral Capitalism. To start, we will discuss the idea of general idea of Racial Capitalism. Then we will have a discussion about how our local DSA branches can approach racial justice work.
We also will host Adrienne Hall, a geographer and activist who has done research on radicalized dispossession. For example, she has worked on the Anti-Eviction Mapping project ( and (Dis)Location/Black Exodus, two public community projects detailing anti-Black dispossession. (A nice summary of these projects can be found here: She has agreed to speak a bit about her projects.
The reading can be found here. (Though if you have the money, please support this scholar.) (

What should you read? It depends on how much time you have.

  • None: Don't worry about reading. I organize the discussion so that it's accessible for people who don't have the time (or motivation) to read theory in their free time.

  • Some: Read pp. 99-125. I’ll mostly focus on this.

  • A lot: Read the entire thing.

If you need a few reading questions for guidance, here are two things to think about.

  1. What is the difference between Marx’s notion of primitive accumulation and Harvey’s notion of accumulation by dispossession? And how does the latter notion play into racial capitalism?

  2. Wang agrees with Harvey and Luxemburg that capitalism has a “dual character: one sphere is governed by freedom of contract and the rule of law while the other is dominated by political violence and looting carried out by hegemonic capitalist nations” (pp. 113). How does this dual character play out in racial capitalism?

Earlier Event: September 19
Chapelboro branch business meeting
Later Event: October 8
Chapelboro general meeting