Greensboro branch meetings take place each month at various venues around the city. In addition, the branch holds social events and a monthly political education series.
We frequently collaborate with other local organizations on projects such as the ones listed below.

No Rate Hikes

We're working with the Sierra Club and others to stop Duke Energy from passing a rate hike. Duke Energy wants to use this extra revenue to fund the cleanup of an environmental disaster they caused. 

No Tax Scam

We're partnering with numerous local groups to prepare for anti-austerity actions and foster better communication between our organizations in the wake of the new GOP tax code.


Supporting Fossil Free GSO

This is a led campaign to get Greensboro to agree to pursue a plan to be 100 percent renewable by 2028, ban new fossil fuel infrastructure, begin dismantling existing infrastructure. We'll begin campaigning and lobbying City Council in February.